Indigenous knowledge and climate change, 2 - 3 November 2016, Marrakesh, Morocco
An International Conference contributing to the COP22 climate conference


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Indigenous knowledge on the frontlines of climate change

Indigenous, local, and traditional knowledge systems and practices, including indigenous peoples’ holistic view of community and environment, are a major resource for adapting to climate change.


We recognize the need to strengthen knowledge, technologies, practices and efforts of local communities and indigenous peoples related to addressing and responding to climate change, and establish a platform for the exchange of experiences and sharing of best practices on mitigation and adaptation in a holistic and integrated manner.

UNFCCC 2015, Decision to adopt the Paris Agreement 1/CP21

While ‘rain discriminates between two horns of an ox’ (traditional Afar proverb), but today rain falls on neither of the horns of an Ox.

Afar elder quoted in Mulubrhan, 2015

During my lifetime, I’ve seen unusual weather patterns that villagers have never witnessed before. It rained during winter last year and ice formation is coming later in the year. My grandfather remembers when 30-35 years ago ice used to form fully in late September or the middle of October. It is December, and the ice barely formed enough for us to safely cross it. (Full testimony at:

Esau Sinnok, Arctic Youth Ambassador

...when planting food crops, there was always a patch reserved for emergencies. We still hear the words ‘hurricane food’ which are foods cooked and prepared in a certain way that makes them last longer. These foods were to sustain a family or community after a disaster.

Dawn Tuiloma-Palesoo from Fiji, South Pacific







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